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Sisir pelurus rambut bentuk V yang bikin rambut
bergelombang anda jadi lurus seperti ter ion & mengembang indah seperti habis dihair dryer

Penyebab Lurus:
Karena sisir memakai sistem magnet,sistem ini tidak merusak rambut

SISIR ION dengan model V yang menata rambut dengan desain klip "Di pagi hari., memungkinkan Anda dengan cepat mengatur satu akar baik mengembang, apakah itu sesuai dengan rambut panjang atau ingin memilah udara rasa rambut mengembang, tidak ada masalah Oh!

"V-type hair styling hair styling hair clip design." In the morning,
lets you quickly organize a good one fluffy roots, whether it is
compliant with long hair or want to sort out the air a sense of fluffy
hair, there is no problem Oh!"


* Size: 26 x 5.8 x 1.8cm(when folded)

* Material: ABS(Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), heat resistance up to 160°C

* Easy way to style or straighten your hair

* Smart DIY tool at home

* Light weight

* Washable by water


1. To create straight hair: insert the bomb into the hair ,
gently nip, put up the hair, blow with hair dryer and comb the hair,
the natural hairstyle can be completed.

2. To fix messy hair: The tail end of the straight hair is not straight
or after sleeping the hair is messy, you can use it to nip the end
and blow with the hairdryer to the right direction, it can make all
the hair straight finally.

3. Use for curly hair: The tail end of curly hair will evaginable,
before use this comb, spray the end with fixature and then nip the hair
to scroll toward the right direction. It's a good comb to finalize
the design of what you like.

Caution :

1. Suitable for ages 6 years and above.

2. Please put in a place where children cannot have access to.

3. Do not place near any fire hazards or electrical sourc

Harga: Rp.20.000

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